the belt of orion

was engineered

to hold your most important stuff,

to seamlessly move with you,

and to not make you look like an idiot.

you can barely tell it's on you,

and neither can anyone else.


who are you?


we are

the mind + body experts

we hail from hollywood, california.


our little solutions to big problems

 are amazingly simple, 

yet, target life-changing results. 


for twenty years 

we've scoured the globe for the most efficient answers to some of lifes's most petty and persisitent annyances, and have drawn connections we believe you will have to experience to believe. 

our track record is pretty damn accurate, so we are confident, not arrogant. contact us anytime for any complaint, comment, or concern. We also LOVE to get your pictures. we will post it, if you will send it! 


thanks for your belief in us and in the belt of orion.

when you look up at the sky, think good thoughts. 


warmest regards 


the mbe



often the simplest changes make the biggest difference. 


we are obsessed with finding ways to make your life more enjoyable.

we want you to be happy, not only with our products and services,

but, with the way the world looks and feels around you..

we created them so we could be happier,

and we want you to be happier, too. 



register your belt.

put it on and use it consistently for 90 days. 

contact us if you don't like it for your money back. period.